Department of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior - NPB

Exercise Biology Minor


Exercise Biology Minor Requirements:

Total At least 18 upper division units in Exercise Biology from the list below.

At least 15 upper division units from the following list:
EXB 101 – Exercise Physiology
EXB 102 – Introduction to Motor Learning and the Psychology of Sport and Exercise
EXB 103 – Analysis and Control of Human Movement
EXB 110 – Exercise Metabolism
EXB 111 – Environmental Effects on Physical Performance
EXB 112 – Clinical Exercise Physiology
EXB 113 – Growth and Development in Human Performance
EXB 115 – Biomechanical Bases of Movement
EXB 117 – Exercise and Aging in Health and Disease
EXB 124 – Physiology of Maximal Human Performance
EXB 126 – Tissue Mechanics

An additional 3 upper division units from either the previous list of EXB courses OR from the following list of courses:

EXB 106 – Human Gross Anatomy
NPB 101 – Systemic Phisology
BIS 101 – Genes and Gene Expression
BIS 104 – Cell Biology
BIS 105 – Biomolecules and Metabolism

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