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Honor Societies
Election to an honor society is one of the most prestigious awards a student can receive. Honor societies are departmental, professional, local, and national organizations whose goals are to recognize and improve scholastic standing in an area of interest. Membership is based on outstanding academic achievement, often with supplemental criteria. This information is a subset of the comprehensive pamphlet produced by the Prytanean Women’s Honor Society.

Campus Societies

Golden Key
Goal: To build global communities of academic achievers by providing opportunities for individual growth through leadership, career development, networking and service.
Requirements: Membership is by invitation only and limited to the top 15% of juniors and seniors with a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Order of Omega
Goal: To recognize those fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in interfraternity activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive for similar conspicuous attainment.
Requirements: Junior or senior men or women nominated by their fraternity or sorority. Must have one full year of residence at UC Davis. A cumulative GPA above that of the all-Greek average is required. Members consist of the top 3% of Greek undergraduates.

Phi Kappa Phi
Goal: To recognize and encourage superior scholarship in all academic disciplines.
Requirements: Outstanding students of sound character in all fields of higher education. Fields of study may be in any discipline. Seniors – upper 8.5% of class. Juniors – must have completed at least 72 credit hours, top 7% of class. Total number of undergraduates chosen may not exceed 10% of candidates for graduation in that year. A limited number of students from the three professional schools as well as faculty, professional staff and alumni who have achieved scholarly distinction may also be eligible.

Prytanean Honor Society
Goal: To recognize the scholastic achievements of undergraduate women, encourage fellowship among women with diverse interests and goals, and provide service to the University and community.
Requirements: Sophomore women with a minimum 3.4 UC GPA, junior and continuing senior women with a minimum 3.2 UC GPA and some activities.

Sigma Xi
Goal: To honor researchers and those with research potential in the scientific community.
Requirements: Nomination by two active members based on performance or potential performance. Evidence of ability to conduct independent research is strong factor in consideration for membership.

Department Society
Phi Sigma
Goal: To recognize high achievement in the biological sciences and encourage involvement in research.
Requirements: Major in some field of biology, minimum 3.4 GPA and research for undergraduates; minimum 3.5 and research for graduate students.

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