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Recruitment Seminar: Epigenetic Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Growth, Wasting and ‘Memory’ in Health and Ageing

Event Date

1022 Life Sciences

Skeletal Muscle Physiology Recruitment Seminar

Dr. Adam P. Sharples is a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine, Keele University Medical School (Top 10 UK Medical School). His research seminar will be focused on the epigenetic regulation of skeletal muscle growth, wasting, ageing and ‘memory’. Adam approaches his research using a molecule to man approach. This includes in-vitro stem cell models in both two-dimensional cell culture and three -dimensional bioengineered muscle using ‘exercising’ bioreactors, right through to animal and whole body human approaches to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of muscle adaptation to growth (exercise and nutrition) and wasting (disuse and inflamed aging) stimuli. With recent data in suggesting human skeletal muscle has an epigenetic memory. Adam is passionate about investigating and combating age-related skeletal muscle wasting and frailty.