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Three Year Degree Program

Accelerated three year degree program schedule: Year 1
  • Fall : MAT 17A, CHE2A, English Comp
  • Winter: MAT 17B, CHE 2B, GE, GE
  • Spring: MAT 17C, CHE 2C, GE, GE
  • Summer Session 1: BIS 2A, GE
  • Summer Session 2: BIS 2B GIS
Year 2
  • Fall: BIS 2C, CHE 118A, GEL 107
  • Winter: CHE11B.

Undergraduate Research

Finding a Research Mentor

Identifying Potential Research Mentors
1. Determine what most interests you in your discipline. In other words, define a research area (e.g. molecular biology, materials science, nanotechnology, plasma physics, analytical chemistry, computer architecture, etc.).

Undergraduate Program

The major provides the foundations for a challenging career.  It serves as a basis for further training in schools of human and veterinary medicine, medical technology, physical therapy, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, and other health sciences. The major also provides the scientific foundation for employment in health care, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Students interested in high school teaching, college level teaching, or research may use the program as preparation for advanced degrees.