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NPB Major is the 2022 CBS College Medal winner

2022 College of Biological Sciences Medal
Seona Patel - Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

“Seona is independent, observant, and has a knack for designing good experiments. After attempting to induce depressive-like phenotypes through chronic administration of corticosterone, Seona had the brilliant idea that the social environment of this stressor might impact outcomes, and she designed her own experiments that ultimately validated this hypothesis. Moreover, she found that the results were dependent on the sex of the animals. Despite the many outstanding undergraduates I’ve mentored over the years, Seona is the first to take a project from conception, through execution, to ultimate publication. She is the first author of that study with myself and a graduate student serving as the only other co-authors. This is an incredible accomplishment for an undergraduate.” - David Olson, associate professor, Department of Chemistry (College of Letters and Science)

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