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picture of Vern and other people.
From left, Dr. Jack Berger, founder of Yolo Hospice, board president Marion Franck, former board president Verne Mendel and Yolo Hospice employee Rhonda Watterson smile during Mendel’s 95th birthday celebration at Yolo Hospice.

Yolo Hospice: Well-worn wisdom from a 95-year-old

Verne Mendel is within spitting distance of a 100th birthday. At 95-plus, he likes to recall some decades-old advice that he heard from one of his former university students in the 1970s. With a smirk on his face and a glint in his eye he says, “Life is hard by the yard, but it’s a cinch by the inch.”

Nobody understands that counsel better than Mendel. After growing up in a tiny and isolated town during the depression, serving in the infantry during World War II, suffering a long string of losses, and maneuvering through the hazards and hopes that come with a life that spans nearly 10 decades, he still continues to live life day-by-day.

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