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Dr. Gregg Recanzone

Position Title
Associate Dean for Research and Resources

NPB, Center for Neuroscience

Center for Neuroscience


1990    PhD    (Neuroscience)    University of California, San Francisco
1984    BS    (Biology and Psychology)    University of California, San Diego

Research Contribution

Basic research on the neural basis of hearing with an emphasis on better understanding the neural basis of age-related hearing loss.

Research Interests


Our research involves investigating the role of the cerebral cortex in the perception of auditory signals, with a current emphasis on the effects of aging. Age-related hearing deficits affect the majority of American retirees, and virtually all Americans over the age of 75. These deficits go beyond a simple loss of hearing, but also result in a poor ability to tell where different sounds are coming from, and in understanding speech. Our research investigates how natural aging affects the cerebral cortex, the neural structure that is necessary for one to perceive, and appreciate, different sound qualities. Our ultimate objective is to better understand cortical processing mechanisms in young and aged brains in order to develop effective remedial therapies to circumvent age-related hearing loss.

Department and Center Affiliations

Center for Neuroscience


Society for Neuroscience

American Physiological Society

CBS Grad Group Affiliations


Specialties / Focus


  • Development and Plasticity
  • Systems Neuroscience

Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS




  • Gregg Recanzone, Jacqueline Overton, Xochi Navarro, Conor Weatherford, Emily Tatoian, Amanda Kwan

Teaching Interests



NPB 124: Comparative Neuroanatomy (Winter quarter)

NPB 101 Human Physiology (Fall)